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Lvtai chewable tablets of Jiuzhang

“Jiuzhang Biotech " extracted the plant activity factor chlorogenic acid by advanced technology during the development of class 1anti-cancer drugs. Scientific and objective research confirmed that has a strong biological activity. The company developed chewable tablets with function of protecting the liver and gall bladder, repairing liver kidney damage, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, enhance immunity and improving the body's function through careful selection of natural plants with medicinal and food homologous and organic combination, and received the SFDA approval in October 2012: country food healthy character G20120435.


The liver is one of the most important organs of human, it involved in the process of digestion, metabolism, excretion, detoxification and immunization, and plays an important role in the absorption, storage, biotransformation, secretion and excretion of carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, vitamins, hormones and bile. The main causes of chemical liver injury are chemical poisoning, allergies; excessive pesticide residues in food and chemical substances added in food processing; industrial emissions on the atmospheric environment; garbage accumulation in body caused by excessive dietary and tonic; liver damage caused by excessive alcohol consumption; occupational exposure to toxic chemicals. There are many precipitating factor of chronic liver injury and the course is long, so it needs for long-term prevention and health care.

The natural medicine is rich in a variety of pharmacological ingredients and is safety. It can play a multi-target, multi-channel prevention and treatment role after prescription formulation and compatibility which is suitable for long-term health care. Therefore, the liver health care products developed from natural medicine is of great significance in the prevention and health care of chemical chronic liver injury (such as alcohol liver injury).

Lvtai chewable tablets developed by our company is the combination product of traditional Chinese medicine theory formula and modern science and technology, and have a health function for chronic liver injury caused by a variety of reasons (alcohol, high fat food, obesity, etc.). The ALT can be effectively adjusted to normal range by using this product.


1. Having habits of long-term drinking;

2. Liver injury, improve liver and kidney function;

3. Work in pressure and work overloaded;

4. The sub-health crowd of low immunity, physical weakness and easy to catch;

5. Cancer patients;

6. The excessive accumulation of free radicals in bodies;

7. The function of liver, spleen and other organs is not normal which is caused by toxic substances or others;

8. Middle-aged and elderly people.

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