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novel drug (Class 1) - cancer new drugs - injection

Class 1.2 new drugs with proprietary intellectual property rights - chlorogenic acid active ingredient and chlorogenic acid for injection have been developed on the basis of extensive and in-depth study of high purity chlorogenic acid, which lasted for more than ten years, costing hundreds of millions and assembled the top domestic R & D technical team. The species has been licensed for clinical study by SFDA and has entered clinical trials.

Chlorogenic acid is our company's original product, the company has employed the chlorogenic acid for the treatment of major diseases (cancer) for the first time in the world , it’s a significant innovative drugs which is truly original with proprietary intellectual property rights.


Chlorogenic acid is an unstable polyphenolic compound, belongs to natural active ingredients which is easy to been oxidized. Its extraction, separation and purification and activity maintain is a world puzzle. Our company has broken through the technical bottleneck of industrial mass production of high purity (> 99%) chlorogenic acid, solved the key problem of maintaining biological activity in the production process, and established the technology platform for oxidizing active ingredient extraction, separation and purification. The technology platform is still the world's leading level at present.


Systemic, scientific, and in-depth preclinical studies have shown that chlorogenic acid is a bioreactor modulator antitumor agent that has a definite therapeutic effect in tumor therapy and is safe and has no cytotoxicity which can be adapted to cancer patients who need no interruption treatment. Tumor cells are with high degree of malignancy, it’s not easy to control and easy to relapse, and so clinical medication cycle is long. As a highly efficient and safe biological regulator anti-tumor drugs, chlorogenic acid can continuous using, it cannot only directly inhibit the tumor growth in a certain degree, but also can mobilize the body's anti-tumor immunity to inhibit the development of the tumor. Chlorogenic acid, as BRM-like natural active ingredient, is expected to be developed as biological reaction regulator anti-tumor drugs for the treatment of cancer (lung cancer). It’s an effective supplement for the existing tumor treatment model, and is make for achieving the ultimate goal of cancer treatment for "to improve the life quality of patients and to extend the life time".


The project was officially launched in 2000, and the monomeric compounds (high purity chlorogenic acid) extracted from the plants were systematically and scientifically studied in the following ten years (including the preparation process, structural confirmation, physicochemical properties, pharmacological activity , anti-cancer mechanism, pharmacodynamics, toxicology, etc.); advanced plant activity factor freeze-drying process and nano-coated preparations have been used for anti-cancer drugs and health-care food research and development to achieve the best adjustment of the human body by ensure the best physiological activity of high purity chlorogenic acid used in human body.

The signal pathway and mechanism of chlorogenic acid in the treatment and health care effects have been explicated by the application of biological gene chip, PCR, ELISA and other technical means at present, and a class 1 anti-cancer new drug –injection has been developed based on this.

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