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The number of scientists and technicians engaged in R&D of Jiuzhang accounts for 62.32% of the total number of employees, and the number of senior scientists and technicians accounts for 31.88% of the total number of employees. Jiuzhang has a team of researchers with high research levels whose disciplines and majors are reasonably arranged. In the process of anti-cancer studies using chlorogenic acid, in particular, a group of scientists unknown to the public who are willing to work in the laboratory are gathered together. These scientists are professors, doctors, masters and other high-end talents from many fields suchas pharmacy, bio-engineering, botany, pharmacology, clinical medicine and chemistry. Therefore, Jiuzhang has a robust capacity in scientific research and innovation.


Jiuzhang has a workshop for extraction and refining of chlorogenic acid which covers an area of 1000 square meters, as well as more advanced production facilities for extraction, separation, purification and crystallization of easily oxidized natural product monomer for medicinal use. The industrial production of chlorogenic acid has been basically achieved. The laboratory is equipped with a variety of advanced supporting instruments for science and research and production, such as ultraviolet spectrophotometers, insoluble particle detectors, optical microscopes, multi-function microscopes, ultrasonic nebulizers, gas chromatographer, liquid chromatographer, high-speed centrifuges, thin-layer scanners, thin-layer photography systems, chromatography columns, and multi-function extraction tanks, etc.